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#Western set at @unistudios  (at Six Points Texas @ Studio Tour)
at Universal Studios Backlot New York Street
I really like the new photo editing options in Instagram! This is another picture of the backlot.  (at Universal Studios Hollywood)
This was my first time ever sitting in the front tram car. I really enjoyed it! #universalstudioshollywood #backlot #tram #StudioTour (at Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood)
Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been infatuated with the movie making process. I’ve always loved Universal Studios, and to this day, the Studio Tram Tour is one of my favorite things.  (at Universal Studios Backlot New York Street)
I think I’ve only been to this park once despite living up the hill from it for years. I have such fond memories growing up here, and I’m so thankful I experienced such a happy childhood. My only memory of this place was riding my Big Foot Powerwheel along the trail with my parents watching over me. I don’t think I’ll ever love a neighborhood more than I did this one…
 (at Ladera Park)
Just got my #CME #XKey! So well designed and easy to setup! It makes sounds, but I have no idea how to make music on a keyboard lol. Other than the C Major scale and a few triads, I got nothing! #Help #KeyBass #Beginner
Washed it all down with this Spinach Lemonade. VERY good.  Not tart or vegetable -ish at all. Very smooth mildly sweet flavor. If you’re ever in the OC, definitely give El Toro Burger a try!
 (at Toro Burger)
Truffle Cheese Burger: Beef marinated with house teriyaki sauce, cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, Parmesan dressing, and topped with truffle fries.  (at Toro Burger)
I don’t normally do this, but these burgers look AMAZING. This is the Ghost Burger: Beef marinated with house Teriyaki sauce, roasted tomato, shredded onion rings, and ghost pepper cheese.  (at Toro Burger)